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Special Situations

We work closely with our clients and their advisors to prepare for and manage Special Situations. Read more below.

Our approach

Client Centered

Special Situations arise when significant financial changes approach. Pale Blue Capital has significant experience working with clients to effectively prepare for and manage through financial change.

Examples include:

If you are preparing your family for generational wealth transfer involving trust and estate matters, we can help you to structure your investments, educate family members and other stakeholders, align interests and simpify ongoing management and reporting.

If you are preparing to sell a business or major asset, we can help you to structure the transaction in order to optimize, protect and grow the sales proceeds;

If you are considering how best to protect and grow wealth that is tied to one or more concentrated single stock holdings, we can help you to understand the full range of alternatives available to you, then design and execute the strategy.

If you have scatttered, opaque and/or impaired investments, we can work to understand their characteristics in order to make informed decisions around consolidation, liquidity and reporting.

Please contact us directly to discuss how we can best serve your Special Situation needs and goals.

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